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2024-2015 Scholarships

Attention Athletes!!

As this season draws near the Warrior Athletics Corporation Committee is preparing for next season. We are excited to announce that the Warrior Athletics Corporation, Inc. is offering four $500 club volleyball scholarships for the 2024-2025 season. We want to thank our valued sponsors for their continued support. Without you these scholarships would not be possible.

Athletes, please read below for all the scholarship application details.

The Warrior Athletics Corporation Committee will select four award recipients after Warrior club volleyball tryouts are completed in July 2024. To apply, complete the attached scholarship application form and submit all required items to [email protected] by 8 pm on June 7, 2024. All information will be held in confidence and used solely for the purpose of scholarship administration.

Eligibility: Students must meet, submit, and agree to the following eligibility criteria before applying.

●  Fill out and complete the below application information

●  Hold a 2.5 Cumulative GPA (photo proof)

●  Provide a Photo Head Shot (No Selfies)

●  Must attend Warrior Athletics club volleyball tryouts for the 2024-2025 season

●  Be selected to a Warrior Athletics Club Volleyball Team

●  Volunteer 10 hours per season. (Example: Assisting with the Warrior Recreation Volleyball season or work club games count towards hours.)

●  Failure to complete and submit volunteer hours by May 1, 2025 will result in the repayment of the awarded scholarship.

Best Regards,
Warrior Athletics Committee